Luncheon Program

It’s not just the pandemic. Other changes in society and technology are changing the business environment forever.

  1. Environment is different
    1. Changing demographics of Bastrop – you are not your customer
    2. More people working from home
    3. Growth of high speed internet, mobile 5G
  2. Expectations are different
    1. Researching products online vs. browsing in-store
    2. Customer preferred communication channels — people expect timely response to email, social media, chat, text
    3. Convenience — online ordering, curbside pickup
  3. What you can do
    1. Be findable – web, mobile, social
    2. Enable as much of the customer journey online as possible
    3. Be responsive

Educational Program – Making Social Media Manageable – Social media in 29 minutes a day, for free

You don’t have to do it all, but it’s easier than you think, once you set things up correctly.

  1. Choosing the right platform(s)
    1. Who’s your audience and where are they?
    2. What types of content will you be posting?
  2. Monitoring efficiently – tweak notification settings to get what you need, when you need it
  3. Visual content creation
    1. Images
      1. Buffer Pablo
      2. Buffer Remix
      3. Canva, BeFunky, Over, et al.
    2. Tease video tools
  4. Publishing efficiently
    1. Native apps
    2. Buffer
    3. Later
  5. Engagement and visibility
    1. Twitter lists
    2. Instagram hashtags
    3. Facebook favorites & groups