Digital Advertising

Advertising works. Period.

Even though consumers complain about advertising, and many even install ad blocker software in their browsers, the fact remains that digital advertising is insanely effective.

  • Small businesses earn an average of $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on Google AdWords.
  • YouTube mobile ads receive viewer attention 83% of the time.
  • Facebook advertising generates a typical ROI of 5:1. It’s no surprise that it’s the #1 marketing channel for 97% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers.

Millions of businesses have adopted digital advertising due to the benefits it brings to their businesses. In summary, digital advertising gives you more control over who sees your ad along with costs it entails. Digital advertising has evolved over the years as more and more platforms are becoming available to consumers. This includes Google, mobile, in-app advertising, and social media. These platforms provide flexibility when running your advertising.

Digital advertising can have a huge return on investment for your business. The substantial data you will acquire is instrumental in managing your personalized ads to target specific customers interested in your business. The beauty of digital advertising is the ability to adjust the campaigns real-time as you see the performance, compared to traditional marketing, such as billboards, radio or TV.

Generate brand awareness by creating ads with either targeted or wide audience. Promote your products or services through compelling advertisements in different medium such as graphics or videos and Increase your sales by targeting your ad campaign to interested potential consumers.

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