Are you selling online? Shipping? Delivery? Curbside pickup?

In the midst of the pandemic, it’s become a necessity for many. Even once it passes, don’t expect all your customers to go back to buying in-store. In a recent study from Salesforce Inc., 58% of consumers said they expect to do more online shopping after the pandemic than they did before it and 80% of business buyers surveyed expect to do more business purchasing online in the post-pandemic era, compared with the pre-pandemic period.*

Selling online, aka e-commerce, is going to be a must for the future survival of your business.

If not now, when?

E-commerce is effective for businesses because it is:

Open 24/7 – Having e-commerce your customers the convenience of purchasing your product at their convenience, not just during your store hours. It can also help you keep shorter hours.

Global – Sell to anyone in the world. OK, maybe you don’t want to sell worldwide, but even being able to sell beyond easy driving distance can expand your reach and customer base.

Cost-effective – If you’re starting a new business, an e-commerce business costs a lot less than setting up a physical store. Warehouse space is cheaper than retail space. 

Let us help you start selling online now!