Email Marketing

Do you have a mailing list?  A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system?

Email marketing is the—not one of the, but THE most effective digital marketing technique.*

For a local business, email is the most cost-effective way to stay engaged directly with your customers and others in the community. 

With your customers, following a purchase, you can use email to ask for reviews or constructive feedback, offer help, and maybe even suggest related purchases to them.

On an ongoing basis, you can send out newsletters with valuable, interesting, or entertaining content relevant to your customers, as well as information about your business that may entice them to contact you or even purchase.

You can also use email to reach out to prospective new customers. There are many sources of email lists, but a great one to start with is your local Chamber of Commerce.

Some reasons why email marketing works well with the modern consumer:

Brand Recall – 72% of customers prefer to receive promotional messages from businesses via email.*

Convenience – Most customers have access to their emails from both their phone and computer, making email marketing highly accessible. And while use of social media may fluctuate, or even shift platforms, people continue to use email regularly.

Customization – With email marketing, you can personalize your email messages based on subscribers’ preferences and other information you may have about them.

If you’re not emailing your customers, you’re missing out on one of your best methods to get them coming back to your business.

Let us help you take advantage of the most effective digital marketing available: email.