Free Bastrop, TX Stock Photos

In setting up our website, we were looking for stock photos of Bastrop and found, well, pretty much nothing. So we shot some ourselves, and are making them available for free to the Bastrop community. You’re welcome to use these, for commercial or non-commercial use. We just ask that you attribute our photographer, Ronan Jones, and Bastrop Marketing as the source/publisher.  A link either to this page or our home page is appreciated, but not required. We also recognize that in some social media, particularly Twitter, that attribution can be tricky within the post itself. We just ask for some kind of acknowledgment somewhere. Also, the use of these photos is “share-alike”, i.e., they’re given freely, so if you use them, you must also give them freely.

Courthouse & Jail

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Bastrop Stock Photos by Ronan Jones is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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