Mobile Marketing

A whopping 81% of American adults own a smartphone*—more than own a computer. In Bastrop County alone, that’s over 71,000 people! And did you know that as of 2019, people actually spend more time on their phones than watching TV*?

Unlike radio, TV, billboards, and other traditional advertising, with mobile marketing, you can directly reach people based on who they are, where they are—even where they’ve been—and what they do online. It’s gone way beyond just calls and text messages.  It’s the most targeted, personal and effective marketing currently available. Here’s why: 

  • Personal – For most of us, our mobile phone has become the primary tool for communication and doing business. Nearly 70% of consumers now use their smartphone to help them shop*. Mobile phones are the most personal piece of technology we’ll ever have. It’s always with us and has access to our contacts, browsing history and even the apps we download. 
  • Targeted – The way we use phones show demographic indicators. Phone features and also chosen carriers can tell the social class, gender or industry to which the buyer belongs. It’s perfectly suited to Persona marketing, focused on the concept of classifying customers based on their demographic, psychographic (personality, beliefs , attitudes and interests) and behavioral needs.
  • Practical – Mobile marketing enables customers to engage with the brand. Statistics show that 65.6% of Americans check phones up to 160 times daily* and since phones are always with us, marketing messages are instantly visible.  The marketing campaigns may be specific to location, time and even to targeted audiences, making the message available exactly when they need it. 

With our comprehensive experience in mobile marketing at Bastrop Marketing, we can help your business reach and engage with your target audience. Our services include mobile targeting and tracking, mobile ads, location-based marketing, mobile website development, mobile SEO, and mobile commerce.

Let us help you reach your customers where they are—on their phones!